This is Abby. She’s a beautiful 2year old pit. Her mom Raffaella, took her to all our classes here, Puppy K, Basic Obendience and Canine Good Citizen. Abby passed and was a delight to everyone, both in school and at home. About 6 mos ago Abby and her mom moved. I got a call from Abby’s mom that ever since the move, Abby was “acting out” on walks and in general, by growling and barking at strange people and new dogs. That was NOT our Abby.

When you move it is high stress for people AND their dogs. But for dogs it is worse because our stress increases theirs by going down the leash. Abby’s mom’s stress made Abby unsure. I knew by getting back to work together, Abby and her mom would remember their bond and renew the consistency dogs need to deal with change in other areas. Well last night they joined our Level 2 obedience class and both Abby and her mom were an amazing team. Abby was back to being our little “Cannolli” and Mom Raffaella had renewed confidence in herself and her girl.

Abby didn’t miss a beat and was doing off-lead work with new people and dogs. She was a site to behold. It was like Abby came home!! So proud of them both.