Fiona is a 4-5 year old Female Siberian Husky. Fiona was seized with numerous other Siberians and her litter of 2 week old puppies when the SPCA raided a hoarding household. Fiona had never been in the house but instead kept in a box in backyard filled with feces. Her puppies where in the box with her. When she was seized she was starved and dehydrated, covered in dried feces and urine. The body of a deceased Siberian was also in box.

Fiona met with Pete Campione from Kindred Souls Canine shortly after coming into rescue. Though she was terrified of men she took to Pete immediately. Pete gave us homework to do with Fiona such as just tossing her treats while she hid until she started coming out and approaching us. Gradually as Fiona as Fiona opened up we started to attend classes with Pete and sat in the spectator seats. Throughout the class we fed Fiona treats and Pete stopped over periodically to offer her treats. Before long Fiona was straining at the leash and standing on the chairs so she could see what was happening in the training arena. Fiona wanted to work and learn!