This is why I love what I do. It is especially important as this was a RESCUE DOG. This is written by owner Karen Ortley who was amazing in her commitment to Patches…Enjoy, Pete

We adopted a two year old beagle from a shelter last December. We knew when we adopted Patches that his last family had returned him. We couldn’t understand why he was so cute and well behaved but over time we saw his bad traits come out. He was potty trained but that was it and he lost his mind every time another dog or squirrel walked by outside to the point he was chewing up our window sills.

I decided to look into obedience training and found Kindred Souls from the recommendations of many of my neighbors. We had had Patches for 10 months at this time and I thought it might be too late. I remember calling and talking to Pete and asking him if there was any hope for Patches and he assured me it was never too late to train a dog.

I was very excited to get to our first class, I learned so much about the way I was confusing the dog and I felt very confident on the exercises we would be doing for homework. I was determined to have a well behaved dog. The first night we did our homework was a disaster. Patches had been a rescue and did not like to be picked up or touched on his legs. As I started the doggie sit ups he growled ferociously at me and bit me. I was scared to try it again. I didn’t know what to do so I called Pete and he told me to stop training and immediately gave me a couple of alternatives to try the next day. I followed all of his advice and it worked out perfectly. I am so proud of Patches and the progress he has made. Recently we were bringing groceries into the house and Patches slipped out and started running away without a leash. I immediately yelled the order “Patches Down” and he dropped to the ground. Now when a dog is walking by I can give him the down command until he settles down so my house is no longer being destroyed.

I am so happy with our choice of Kindred Souls because everyone there really knows what they’re talking about and cares about the dogs.


Karen Ortley