Kindred Souls was founded in response to the disturbing fact that 70% of all dogs in shelters are there due to behavior issues. We believe most of these issues are preventable or solvable with training and socialization.

Kindred Souls Canine Center is an award-winning full-service facility providing all forms of training, behavior modification and dog sports!  We are dedicated to creating that peaceful loving bond between human and animal and discovering how our training can best be tailored to you and your dog.  Anyone can teach, but at Kindred Souls our trainers strive to inspire you and your dogs to be the best you can be!

The art of living with dogs lies within both parties ability to communicate effectively and consistently.  We at Kindred Souls Canine Center believe it is our job to help you and your dog achieve the truest most intimate form of communication possible in order for there to be harmony between you and your canine companions. We believe it is only through an innate understanding of who we are as HUMANS and who our dogs are as CANINES, that we can communicate a level of mutual understanding, respect and above all unconditional TRUST.

The philosophy of our training lies in the ability to structure the Human/Canine relationship so it is easy and natural to both us and our dogs as in almost every successful relationship. However, we must be clear that the responsibility LIES WITH US to achieve this goal.

KSK9 trainers are not restricted or encumbered by a singular method, but instead, we are extremely proud to be able to provide many uniquely different methods of training and behavior modification to address the individuality of you, your dog and the environment you live in.  If we learn about ourselves and how our dogs react to us, we can learn to listen to what are dogs need from us…the dogs will tell us how to teach them and what is effective.  This is the most reliable and solidifying way to create a fully functioning communication with your canine family members.  Kindred Souls Canine Center was the first school to reject the “MYTH OF METHOD” and embrace an open-minded approach to fit each individual dog and human.  We celebrate “difference” and honor the unique qualities of the individual.

All dogs are welcome at Kindred Souls Canine Center.  We particularly specialize in working with so-called “tough cases”.  No dog should be penalized for their problems.  All our trainers address behavior issues while teaching a curriculum.  We are extremely proud of our record of training people and dogs with physical and emotional challenges.  It is our duty to normalize dogs who have been abused, give language to those who cannot see or hear, and introduce those who may be socially dysfunctional to the ways of a normal world.  We have dozens of blind, deaf and disabled dogs representing us doing weekly Therapy Work!  It is always an inspiration to watch a dog emerge from “troubled” to TRIUMPHANT!  They keep us humble in their ability to achieve!

Kindred Souls Canine Center believes every dog has a RIGHT to be educated and safe.  Most inappropriate behavior is a result of the dog not having the information of what is the right behavior.  It is our attention to the details in the dog’s environment that help bridge the gap between human and dog.  Communication in teaching, for a dog, must involve a commitment to consistency between the environment and the training program.  One compliments the other to achieve success.

Our commitment is in our devotion to the dogs and the fact that “THEY COME FIRST”!  Kindred Souls Graduates are KNOWN for their reliability as well-mannered members of the community.

Communicate ~ Educate ~ Celebrate