Shout out to Rigel and Penni

Shout out to Rigel and Penni

Rigel the Lion DogBig Congratulations to all our Agility teams!!!

But a special shout out must go to Miss Penni and her boy “Rigel”. I have known them since Rigel was a puppy. And Rigel is a rare breed. He is a Leonburger ( lion-dog). He is along the mastiff lines of Newfoundlands, St bernards, Great Pryenees and now weighs 130+ pounds. Penni is a tireless handler and has brought Rigel up to cross boundries in Obedience, Rally and now her first qualifying Agility score. There are only a handful of these dogs working these trials and Penni has made Rigel one of those lucky dogs. They are a true example of love and commitment!!!

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COVID-19 Update [1/15/2020]

We are currently open on a limited and regulated basis.

Basic Obedience classes of limited sizes (7 dogs) are now being scheduled by reservation.  Please call (732) 367-4666 for a current list of upcoming dates and times, as our normal schedule on the website does not include all the classes available.

We have also resumed limited Therapy Class and Level 2 Obedience, contact us for dates and times.

We are currently booking private on-site sessions, again please call to arrange.

We are also currently booking Puppy Orientations and a new Puppy Kindergarten (limited to 7 pups).

Copies of guidelines for COVID SAFETY are available below and will be given to all prior to arrival.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and safely!!

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