Meet SHELBY, aka BlueKreek’s “Steel Magnolia”, newest member of the KSK9 family, my new daughter and Frankie’s niece, as she is from a  litter by his sister “Journey”.  Shelby comes from Hall of Fame Breeder Kristi Muck of Bluekreek Aussies.  We flew to Texas to pick her up.

Shelby is clearly a Daddy’s girl! She looks at me and my IQ drops 50 points! She’s also quite a spitfire!  She may actually be one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever had.  Shelby is quick, brilliant and intense…okay a little scary.  Her attention is bar none and so far no one sees her blink when she works with me.  She is my right hand AND my left hand!  Haven’t seen a situation yet that she cannot handle and master.  Already titled as a Therapy Dog, Shelby is on her way with me to the Obedience ring.

In addition to all her talents, her personality shines.  Everyone who meets her, loves her!  She brightens up a room with endless enthusiasm and energy ( which can also be exhausting for Daddy!).  She’s only 2 and just getting started.  Look out for Shelby!!