LolaLola is a 4 year old Border collie mix, who came from horrid conditions with a rescue called Wag On inn. They handed her over to me without a fecal exam,  a severe urinary tract infection and they neutered this poor dog at 6 weeks old with some hack who damaged her uterus so she has leakage issues and shoved an oxygen tube down her baby throat so she does not have a normal bark.

Twelve hundred dollars worth of vet care later, Miss Lola has proven herself an outstanding obedience/rally-o/agility dog.  Lola is particularly effective with children who want to train dogs.  She is so receptive, she provides many unsure young handlers with confidence.  She LOVES working with her dad in the class and can barely be held back when it is time to work.

Considering the horrible beginnings she had with the rescue organization, she has thrived and is one of my sharpest workers.  Lola, being half Border collie, does everything to perfection and precision.  She makes her Daddy so proud of her.