Maria Yepello


Co-Owner and trainer Maria Yepello began as an associate trainer gaining real world experience working with Peter developing curriculum for Kindred Souls programs. Maria’s dog training dates back to her first Great Pyrenees puppy. She is very active in all causes including rescue and fundraising.

Maria is currently the instructor for all Rally Obedience.  Over the years we have met so many wonderful people who share the love of their dog as they take their dog(s) to new heights.  Some people learn Rally just for fun, team spirit and exercise.  Everyone who takes on the sport of Rally will say they see many benefits to the overall training of their dog.  It is social, provides distraction and more than that it creates the ‘team’ of you and your dog and increases the bond between dog and handler.

Each week we present new ‘courses’.   Whether beginner or experienced in this sport, our class structure benefits the novice or advanced team.  We all need each other to be able to show our dogs in competition with confidence.  My students continually show their devotion to their dog and the sport of Rally through competition, winning titles and placement ribbons.

I am very proud of my students working together to develop the pathway to success.   This is a class I feel honored to teach!