Peter Campione


Peter Campione has been an award winning dog trainer and behaviorist for twenty years.  He has trained dogs all across the country starting in California, then Florida and now NJ.  He owns and founded Kindred Souls Canine Center in Howell NJ.  Mr Campione donates a great deal of his time to rescues and shelters, in addition to his own practice.   Through so many years of working with mixed breeds, identifying mix breeds and the breed components that go into each one, Mr Campione has specialized in this area.  It is his opinion that the key to successful training and communication with your dog, is to know who that dog you are dealing with is.

Mr Campione also appears on TV, gives lectures on canine behavior and has numerous articles published on dogs. His Dvd “Kids and K-9’s” is carried in over 400 local libraries. His new book “CONVERSATIONS WITH CANINES” and an accompanying Podcast of the same name will be available June 1, 2024!!!  


  • Board of Advisors- Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs (Training)
  • Endorsed by the National Association of dog Obedience Instructors
  • Training Advisor New Jersey Shore Animal Center
  • Articles published in Dog Fancy, Dog World
  • NJ Governors Award for Special Achievement with Therapy dogs