A Most Unlikely Adoption Rescue

A Most Unlikely Adoption Rescue

A most unlikely adoption rescue!

A story of success from a happy dog’s dad…

I visited a shelter fully intending to adopt another Boxer however, fate dealt a strange hand!

I left with a Pitt Bull she was rescued from north jersey not much info approx. 2yrs old. I took her home to mum for companionship who promptly named her “Sweetie” she could not have been more aptly named.  They were inseparable, Sweetie never once demonstrated any hostile/aggressive behavior despite mum at times pulling and tugging her ears/tail

Walks were another story she, took me, for walks,  pulling, no dragging me down the trails, she was wary and tense when she passed other dogs  after three incidents (not instigated by her) involving unleashed dogs I spoke with friends/neighbors who had enrolled their dogs in various  training schools.  Kindred Souls was a repeated recommendation from many dog owners who had personal experiences with the school.

We had lost mum.  2014 arrived and Sweetie was approaching age six despite my trepidations based on past events I called the owner and trainer of Kindred Souls, Peter Campione. I explained why as this late stage in her life I wanted to enroll my dog in obedience classes pending approval.  Peter met us in January 2014, our training sessions began, it was work!  Her will against mine stubborn and resistant at first, then a breakthrough she was submitting to my commands and yes she completed the course and graduated. I immediately enrolled her in an advanced class building on the success we had attained in the basic training it was now a pleasure to walk with her. Sweetie was still head strong but clearly less reactive when she encountered other dogs on our walks.

A year later “Sweetie” is not the dog she once was, as attested by people whose frequent comment “what a change in Sweetie she’s so calm and walks so well”

I submit this testimonial in the hope that it will motivate and inspire other dog owners to make a commitment that will guarantee rewards.  It has been worth every ounce of investment to achieve these remarkable results and yes it does make a difference where and with whom you choose to train together. I certainly made the right choice selecting Kindred Souls and will be forever indebted to two dedicated professionals Peter and Chris Lehmann assistant trainer/therapy dog trainer who patiently coached us to achieve our goal.

The journey continues under their direction

Immense Thanks

John Dietz