About Us

About Us

Pete Campione, Founder

Kindred Souls  Canine Training Center was founded in response to the disturbing fact that 70% of all dogs in shelters are there due to behavior issues. We believe most of these issues are preventable or solvable with early training and socialization.

We offer a variety of services in a country home-like environment, designed to enhance the relationship between people and their dogs. Our goal is to help establish a lasting bond between dog and owner by increasing their ability to effectively communicate with each other. All of our methods are positive and individually tailored to suit the dog’s personality and the specific needs of the owner. We produce well mannered and, more importantly, Reliable dogs. The safety of pets can often depend on the reliability of their response to a command.

We’re located in Howell, N J – very convenient to the Jersey Shore, Freehold, Brick and surrounding areas.

Whether it is our doggy day care, puppy kindergarten or obedience class, our main focus is to provide people with the pet they desire.


Hi Pete, Thank you so much for taking the drive down here and talking with the staff. I had several of them (more than half) tell me how much they enjoyed a down to earth and realistic approach to dog behavior, not to mention your comedy. They all have been talking about it since. Some asked about joining your class others want to come and observe some to learn more. So thank you for the inspiration! Great job as always!

Nanci KeklakShelter Manager, Animal Welfare Association

We started the Basic Obedience class at Kindred Souls 5 weeks ago (this is an 8 week class) I am absolutely amazed at the positive changes in our dog. Fala is a 10 month old lab mix and has a TON of energy. We had trouble with everything - sitting, staying, down - the only thing she was good at before Kindred Souls was sitting before eating.

She now walks nicely on a leash, sits when I stop, sits on command, lies down on command. We still have some work to do, but the step by step guidance in the classes as well as the clear homework instructions have helped us with Fala so much.

She is so well behaved now - we went to another puppy class at another place and Fala was the worst behaved dog in the class - the tools we were given weren't working for us. After this class I feel we have a great foundation - it takes some work but it is well worth it!

I highly recommend this center and will be looking at other classes once we finish the Basic Obedience.

Jennifer J.

It's all about the dog. Good manners and pet safety are the foundation of their program. The trainers here teach you how to communicate with your pet to nurture a mutually respectful and loving relationship with your dog. From large dominant breeds to frightened submissive rescued pets, each animal is given the same set of expectations and each owner is taught how to manage their particular pet's needs. Over the past 12 years, 4 of my dogs have passed through the Kindred Souls program and I recommend them to anyone who asks.

Timothy H.