Private Classes and Evaluations

Private Classes and Evaluations

Although I am a firm believer that dogs are social beings and need to learn the manners of being in a community through a class, there are often dogs who are simply not ready for the classroom environment right away. There are also special behavioral issues that warrant individual work to be done with the dog and their family.

Our private sessions cover a wide array of issues including:

  1. Aggression: both dog to dog and people aggression
  2. Fear issues: lack of socialization can cause fear biting, over shyness, anxiety disorder
  3. Resource guarding:  Over possessiveness of toys and or food.
  4. Territorialism:  Aggressive guarding of areas and or people
  5. Trauma and Abuse:  Many dogs have been beaten, neglected and come from a variety of environmental dysfunction.

There are many other issues which impede a dogs ability to a happy healthy life and relive the turmoil in the environment.  We seek to treat ALL issues with the intent of allowing the dog to come to a place in themselves that stops their issues from teaching them proper behavior in a public classroom setting.  Private sessions are reserved for those dogs who for one reason or another cannot learn properly in a class because of issues impeding the learning ability.  Learning the right way to behave will solve all problem behavior, but some dogs have issues that prevent them from having the necessary ability to learn.  Our private sessions include phone follow-ups and proven programs to overcome the most severe cases.  We never give up! The story below started with fear biter from a shelter who took several private sessions and went on to graduate our class with honors!!

 Dear Staff and Volunteers:

I just want to let you know that Beau has passed his basic obedience classes @ Kindred Souls Training Center. Pete Campione was a great help to us both, mostly to me. Beau has adjusted well to us all , the neighbors are always dropping in to see him. He loves his deck outside and is always willing to go for a walk. We are going to continue w/ the advanced class @ the end of October . I just want to thank all of you for you help and support for Beau. We’ll be by to see you all soon. “

Thank You

Charlie & Charlaine Emanueli