Our agility is open to all breeds and the primary directive is fun. Agility class can also be an instrumental confidence builder for shy or fearful dogs.

Debbie Merwin is teaching Agility at KSK9.

Agility is the most popular of all dog sports. It is truly a dog’s “reward” for learning obedience, because after the tedium of heeling, sits and stays, now the dog gets to see how working with the DSC_5553handler can also be fun and exciting. Agility is not only for fun and exercise but for competition and titles.

An obstacle course for dogs, AGILITY combines behaviors learned in obedience and broadens them to a more abstract concept. Your dog will learn to navigate an obstacle course of ramps, jumps, tunnels, A-frames, and weaves. This is all done with an atmosphere of fun and incentive.

There are no corrections…just learning!! This is the one place your dog never gets in trouble, it’s all positive. Mistakes are handled differently here because AGILITY is a confidence building sport.


Intro to agility:

Motivation AND positive reward make learning a blast for you and your dog. This class gives you and your furry teammate the skills needed to get started in agility.Beginner handling skills, targeting and basic pieces of agility equipment are introduced in this class. The agility equipment used include bar jump, Open tunnel, closed tunnel, tire jump and the pause table. Contact obstacles and weave poles are not offered in this class.Bring lots of treats, some toys and your sense of humor.   Maximum 6 teams for this class.For fun or for competition this is the place to start.   Sorry NO “drop-ins” for this class.

Beginner #2 Agility

This Six week course follows Intro to agility. Contact equipment and weave poles are introduced.Continuing instruction will focus on Target work, Contact work and handling skills. This class is open for drop-ins from all levels.

“Novice  FUN-GILITY”

andy agilityGet ready to have fun, build confidence and bond with your dog.  Objective of class is for students and dogs to competently and safely perform equipment at lower heights then standard equipment. Attention skills and basic obedience (sit/down stays, recalls) will be taught/reinforced in order to have off leash control.  Introduction to basic handling skills (handling off left/right side, touch to hand & targets, 2-3 obstacle performance) Pre-requisite: Beginner obedience.

“Jumpin & Weavin”

This is a drop-in class that is open to all teams in Beginner #2 Agility through competing teams. This class will focus on weave pole entries and getting a solid weave pole performancefor you and your dog. Channel weaves will be used and adjusted per dog in addition to closed weaves (non-adjustable). Excellent for the competition minded team.  Minimum of three teams needed to run the class. Maximum of six teams.

“Hand Jive”

This is a drop-in class that is open to all teams (team = you & your dog) that have basic obedience skills.  Hand Jive can benefit all teams who would like to move together with better communication, focus and fluidity. This is an on leash class.  Please bring ALOT of small, soft treats and an exciting toy or two. Please carry treats in a way that they are easily accessible by you.


The challenge may be a skills challenge, discriminations, send outs, etc., etc. Maximum of six teams.Dogs must be proficient on all full height equipment. A different challenge will be presented on course each week. Maximum of six teams.

“Drop-in” Agility

This is a mixed level class and is open to all teams currently in Beginner #2 through competing teams. Handling skills/equipment performance/course analysis will be addressed on a per team basis.Contact equipment will be at low levels.  Minimum of three teams. If the minimum  # of teams is not reached then the class will not run that week. Maximum of ten teams.

“Practice time/Run-thru`s”

This is your opportunity to get some one on one working time with your teammate. Each team gets four turns on the field with each turn being four minutes in duration. You can run a course, work on individual pieces of equipment, startline stays, anything that you and your dog would like to work on. This is not a structured (taught) class but I will be available as a spotter on the equipment for those teams who need one.

Agility Instructor

Deb Merwin