Learn the sport of Rally Obedience (Rally-O) for competition or just for fun!

AKC and Cynosport Rally Obedience – ALL Levels

Level 1: 6 week course

  • Front and Finish – Return dog to heal position both left and right returns.
  • Change of pace Stop and Down
  • Left about turn; About “ u ” turn; About turn
  • Sit, Down and Stand walk around back to heal
  • Serpentine and Spiral

Rally-O is an activity for the handler and dog to work as a team as you move through a numbered signed course of obedience commands.

As in any sport there are rules to learn and practice makes for fun and a wonderfully obedient companion.

Level 2: Weekly drop-in classes

At Kindred Souls Canine Center after you complete the beginner course, we have a weekly drop-in class. This provides you with an environment for practice and continuing training.