Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten

Each puppy kindergarten class is a mini seminar on developing canine behavior. These are canine personalities in the making and it is at this level that ALL future behavior issues can be avoided. As a behaviorist, this is the time when the most GOOD can be done. And watching a puppy pick up new things can be a sight to behold. When that light bulb goes on you can see it in their eyes.

This is also when you define your relationship with your puppy. You are setting up the rules that will carry this puppy through a lifetime. This is when your puppy learns as much about you as you learn about him. He learns what makes you happy and what doesn’t……and most importantly how that effects him. In other words we teach the puppy how to “learn” and that learning gets them all the great things in life. Guidance and structure when introduced at an early age, teaches the puppy the basis for a communicative relationship with its human guardian.

It is widely believed that avoiding a problem is much easier that solving one. By teaching the puppy the RIGHT course to follow you create a pattern to their behavior. Repetition of this pattern reinforces the behaviors. ……… and these “good behaviors” become all the puppy knows.

puppy kindergarten class

This class is for puppies 10 weeks to 5 months. Your first session always includes a private orientation to get you and pup off on the right foot….or paw. It is a drop in course and most classes take on a life of their own depending on the mix of puppies we have at the time.

Some of things we cover in session are:

*5 minutes of socialization/play: We use this time to teach the puppies to come when called with distractions, and overcoming any socialization issues they may have.

*Commands: Taught at the puppy level, we teach Sit, Down, Stand, Off, Come, Give(releasing coveted objects), heeling, Moving drops, Stays

*Behavior Problems: We address all problems in open forum. No jumping, mouthing, barking, running out doors, Housebreaking, proper corrections (yes, we correct puppies!)

*Games: Games make learning fun, recall game, follow me, hide and seek, tunnels, puppy “A” frame

Again, the above is supplemented by lessons depending on the goals of each class and particular dog (breed work, competition, therapy, etc)

Class Schedule