Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

It began as our mission to create skilled workers and gain access for Therapy Dogs within the community. It soon became our passion. The first time you see your dog working, how they understand the ‘human’ condition, you begin to understand our logo. Dogs have ‘something’, a power over the human spirit that just can’t be explained.

Kindred Souls Canine Center LLC was the first to design a Therapy Class and we soon became involved with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs.  Therapy class is offered to Kindred Souls graduates of the school’s Basic Obedience class.

Therapy Dogs in training

Pre-Requisite: Basic Obedience and Evaluation. Kindred Souls Canine Center was one of the first in New Jersey to offer this course in preparation for obtaining Therapy Dog Certification. We strive to create Therapy Dogs who are not only stimulating companions but highly skilled workers. It has always been our belief that with greater training these dogs will be allowed increased access to facilities that would benefit from this type of program. The course consists of a combination of desensitizing exercises and upper level command training. Our dogs leave this course ready to handle any public situation with a controlled and appropriate response.

The Therapy Dog Class is run by trainer Katherine Frank. Clients can reach Kat @ 732-289-1597 or

Kindred Souls Canine Therapy Corps

To provide professional support to our group of more highly skilled canine therapy workers. True professionals at the job they do, we hope these dogs will continue the work they have done in the past and increase canine access for all therapy dogs. This often involves opening more people up to the spiritual and physical benefits inherent in the relationship between people and well behaved dogs. Besides, didn’t we breed ALL dogs to perform tasks?  Then what nobler function is there than easing pain and educating the public. Kindred Souls Canine Therapy Corps pursues in-school visits with children not only for remedial reading programs, but to continue the education of children on the safe and proper way to interact with dogs. Therapy dogs can have a profound effect on bite statistics in children by teaching canine interaction safety

therapy dog training classKindred Souls Canine Center is proud to have certified over 450 dogs for “Bright and Beautiful” in the last 6 years. These dogs and their handlers are in many ways pioneering areas in Therapy Work previously unchartered. We have held our dogs and their owners to a higher standard of expectation and they have forged their way into serving the public in previously off-limits areas such as Oncology Hospital Units and Kindred Souls “Read to a Dog ” reading program at a local municipal Libraries (both Monmouth and Ocean Counties). Our students raised the bar in defining what a Therapy Dog is by meeting not only the requirements of the test,. but by taking their training further to include additional behaviors in the dog, allowing the dogs to cope with pretty much anything in a calm and most importantly controlled consistant way.

This is our chance to set an example, and through the creation of Kindred Souls Canine Therapy Corps and the support of the Bright and Beautiful organization, we hope to create and maintain a level of soundness and control in our dogs that make their work truly innovative and meaningful. The ability to handle the unexpected is the hallmark of Therapy work and is a learned response. This is what sets our dogs apart………what we teach and what they absorb. They are taught to be model citizens in public by taking them through a multitude of exercises, above test requirements, to prepare them for their service work.

therapy dogs in action    therapy dogs in action with kids