Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can you start training a dog?

We start most pups at 10 weeks with 2 rounds of shots. It is important to introduce socialization and learnability as soon as you can.

Is a dog ever too old for training?

Never. We deal with many dogs of various ages and training, at any age, provides structure and consistency for the dog.

What kind of dogs are best with kids?

This is a tough one. Dogs who are normally perceived as “kid Friendly”, may not be if the children are not of an age to be cogniscent of rules around the dogs. Breeders, rescues and trainers mostly agree that the best match can be achieved when the children are 5-6 years old and capable of contributing to the new dogs success in the home.

Are private sessions better than group classes?

I only use private sessions, when for reasons of extreme behavior, a dog cannot be around new people or other dogs. But the goal of private sessions should always be getting a dog into group classes. Classes provide distractions and stimulations which the dog learns to override in favor focus on the handler. They make a more reliable and community friendly dog.

What is the best “method” to train your dog?

Methodology is a myth. I train all types of dogs. Some have been abused, abandoned, blind, deaf or fearful. If you don’t train a dog according to who they are they won’t respond. The dog tells you what to do. I would be embarrassed if I only had one training method in my pocket.