Conversations with Canines

Conversations with Canines

Happy to say my new book, Conversations with Canines, will be available to everyone soon!  I hope you will find it useful in working with your canine companions.  This book will feature the stories of a series of “Conversations with Canines ” I’ve had over the years. It will also discuss the connections made with various dogs in both my practice and with my own canine companions.  I am excited to offer it and hope you enjoy and learn from it.

As a behaviorist, I have learned a considerable amount about manipulating behavior.  Any living thing can be manipulated by basic concepts of interaction; cause and effect and action/reaction.  The concept of action/reaction is particularly effective, especially with such a super social species as the DOG.

This book and its concepts matter. Communication and conversation are a crucial part of the training process. Once learned, they are simple concepts, talk first and establish a rapport. When you understand them you are ready for a conversation with your dog allowing for better understanding and cooperation.

These concepts do not get the attention they deserve.  Seeing long lasting results in communicating is in the early stages but if the results with canines, horses and other species are all seen to produce the same results the benefits will be huge.  In my book I formulate the conclusion that this method of communicating and training works better and lasts longer.

We use action/reaction every day with other humans to get the results we want.  You would never ask another human to do something for you before you establish some type of relationship/rapport.  Establishing a relationship with our dogs is equally important.  Talk first…Work later.