Trick Training

Trick Training

Tricks, and trick training are becoming more popular with both pet owners and experienced dog sports competitors. Any dog can learn and perfect new tricks but AKC Trick Dog is a great way to bond with your dog and provide your pet with mental and physical exercise.

I LOVE THIS CLASS…as a way for you to communicate to your pup that learning can be a lot of fun too. It builds confidence in a less structured way that your dog will enjoy. Now learning is something they look forward to.

Dogs perform individual tricks to earn a Trick Dog title. At the highest level of performance, Trick Dog routines tell a story. Tricks are categorized by their level of difficulty, and the higher the level of competition, the more difficult the tricks that your dog will need to perform.

From puppies to senior dogs, all dogs can learn tricks, and there are tricks for all sizes of dogs, too. Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to prevent boredom by providing mental and physical exercise for your dog.

Dog trick training started to gain recognition in the 1920s, as Rin Tin Tin began performing in silent films. As movies grew more popular, animal actors like Lassie (first portrayed by “Pal” in a 1943 film) became household names, since their tricks enabled them to “act out” scenes. AKC Trick Dog titles require doing tricks successfully with different sets of rules. The eligible tricks change with every title level. Tricks that can be done towards the AKC Novice Trick Dog title include spinning in a circle, shaking hands, and kissing. At this level, a handler can use lures to guide dogs into performing tricks. Treats and toys can be used to lure dogs into position and reward dogs when they finish each trick.

After Basic Obedience, I find for certain dogs this is an excellent compliment to the structure they just learned. Trick training is teaching AND having fun with your dog, so they learn that listening to you can be FUN!

To view some examples of tricks check out our youtube channel.

Instructor Kat Frank will be teaching both Novice Tricks Class and Intermediate Level 2. Both Classes will be run Friday evenings! Call for times and more info.