The Forgotten Pets Project

The Forgotten Pets Project

This is a fundamental idea of what we hope will become part of the national consciousness.

Every day all over the country animals are being abandoned to shelters and rescues.  Many have been abused, abandoned, neglected and traumatized.  I have personally seen the result of human cruelty inflicted on animals particularly from puppy mills who supply all the dogs in pet stores.  I implore all REAL trainers to donate some of their time to help rehab these animals as they need true experienced behavioral work.  Kindred  Souls School has always had a “no charge” policy to any legitimate rescue or shelter.  If it means making a dog more adoptable for a forever home, and this poor animal comes from dysfunction, WE WILL HELP!!  In this time where anyone with a bag of treats and a leash thinks they are trainers, the rest of us who do this for the animals, not for the bucks, need to step up!  These are the cases that make me the least money but the most proud and satisfied.

A very large portion of these shelters and rescues are non-profit.  In particular, breed rescues are run by volunteers.  They supply these animals with care, housing, feeding, medical help and spay/neutering.   The adoption fee never really covers the time and expense involved in rehoming these forgotten pets.  Often workers or volunteers go above and beyond and take from their own pockets to be sure these lost souls are given the rehabilitation and help they need.

This is why the Forgotten Pet Project is so important for both the animals and their caregivers.  Our concept is to support the animals by acknowledging the work of shelters and rescues by making them a part of our daily lives and creating a sense of community that benefits all.

Think about it.  You recycle bottles, cans,  and paper.  What if everyone kept a third container for your local shelter or rescue?  How easy would it be to throw in some used towels, when you get new ones for the bathroom?  Or if peroxide is two for one at Walmart, throwing the extra bottle in the container.  Everything counts and once a month you empty your container by donating the contents to your favorite rescue or shelter.  This is a wonderful project for schools and classrooms and teaches children the importance of pets as more than toys.  Put a face on the animals in need.  Help is hope.  Make this a part of your daily routine.  Put this in your mind’s to-do list like you do with other daily essentials.  Remember the more you help keep your community secure for both people and animals,  the better our lives are and more integrity we leave for our kids to carry on a sense of caring for anyone in need.

Here is a brief list of essentials needed by all rescues.

  • Food and water bowls
  • Dog/Cat toys
  • Dog and cat food
  • Used leashes and collars
  • Paper Towels
  • Used sheets/blankets
  • Medical supplies-Peroxide, alcohol, gauze etc.
  • Treats
  • Donate time to walk animals in shelters
  • Spaying and neutering is expensive, donate what you can

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